Welcome to Dunbar's Pools Service!

Lower your energy bill without sacrificing your enjoyment of your pool! We offer a range of energy efficient, high performance heaters, pumps and filters to update your pool’s systems. Call us to discuss how we can update your pool and spa systems for peek performance and maximum savings.

Intelliflow VF Variable Flow Pump

Energy efficient pump cuts your costs by adjusting to the needs of your pool. Quiet and trouble free.

Ray Pack High Performance Heater

Eco-friendly, energy efficient heater, built to exceed current industry standards for exhaust emissions, and to stand up to severe weather conditions.

D.E. Filters

Rinse and reuse to reduce water and energy consumption.

Intellibrite Pool & Soa Lights

LED lights last longer and use less than half the energy of traditional pool lights.

Intellitouch Automated Controls

Easy to program, easy to operate, automated controls ensure equipment isn’t accidentally left on, and turns it on automatically so you don’t have to. Intellitouch makes it easier for you to take advantage of off-peak and seasonal utility rates, and the Screenlogic Interface app lets you control everything from your digital device!